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  WTP training Program introduce

  Do you want to quickly hold water-transfer-print technology, do you want to quickly start your water-transfer-print company, do you want to quickly upgrade and develop your water-transfer-print company? Please participate in Zhejiang HB water-transfer-technology training.

  We have 10 years of water transfer experience of technical engineers, but also about 10 years of experience to assist water-transfer company growth. We have a wealth of professional theoretical knowledge, and superb practical experience, and we have a complete and mature training and service system.

  一. The training content

  1. Manual -training

  2. Automatic machine training

  3.The basic process of water-transfer-printing

  · Pre-Treatment

  Priming & Painting

  · Activation

  · Dipping

  · Washing

  · Top Coat

  二. The training plan

  1. Fresher

  · Best Value

  · Online Video

   Watch and Learn

  · $50.00

  · Learn at your own pace

  · LIFETIME access to videos


  2. Beginners.

        Two Days Training

  · $100.00

  · half day theory

  · 1.5 days practice

  · 100% Hands-on-Training

  · LIFETIME Technical Support

   3. Automatic-line trainning

  · 7 DayTraining

  · One day theory

  · 7 days practice

  · $350

  · LIFETIME Technical Support

  · 100% Hands-on-Training