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  1. What is Water Transfer Printing?

  Water Transfer Printing, allows patterns and designs to be applied to any shaped objects. Any object that can hold a basecoat and be safely submerged in water can be dipped, it means WTP.

  2. What types of items can be WTP?

  A wide variety of flat or 3-D shapes and manufacturing materials such as plastics, metals, woods, glass, etc. can be printed. Everything from sunglasses, to home furniture to your custom motorcycle parts can be printed with ease.

  3. How durable is Water Transfer Printing?

  We believe WTP has great durability , The durability greatly depends on the quality of the Base chemical and the Top Coat used, and also the application of the Top Coat, and product usage environment , for example , sharp sunlight, rains and winters ,and some extreme weather.

  4. Are your company a manufacture company or trading company?

  We are a water-transfer-print film manufacture company ,and we have export license ,so also have export business.

  5. How about your film quality?

  We specialize in the WTP film for 10 years plus, we have high-precision machine and detection-device, strict and scientific management system , and excellent team, So our WTP film quality is stable, the pattern is clear, the picture graduation is plentiful, the adhesion is good.

  6. How about your service ?

  We have the full processing service system, and also always accompany you grow up.

  7. How about your training system?

  We have the training system, We will support you from zero start , and let your company change to stronger .

  8. How about your price?

  We are Factory direct seller , So you can get the best price .

  9. How do I order Water Transfer Printing film, equipment, or supplies?

  You can choose the pattern from our Website, and contact us , you also process it on Alibaba , We have the Alibaba shop , and also can directly give our order by email, give us a call on 0588-6128072(18702105667)for pricing and ordering information.

  10. What is the first step when you decide to start the WTP business?

  Your should investigate local market, searching your city industry Area, whether there are have product doing water-transfer-print or not, if have 3-4,customer , you can decide start the WTP business.

  11. What do I need to start a Hydrographics business ? And How much does it cost to start a Hydrographics business?

  Manual operation and Semi-automatic and full automatic, We suggest you start with manual operation , when you got some experience and grow business, then consider the automatic, and also you can directly start with full automatic machine according your financial .